Re: 54 Packard Pacific / tiny oil drip / leak / rope seal?

Posted by HH56 on 2021/5/2 17:33:42
Diameter of fan plus number of blades seems to have been the difference between standard, heavy duty, and AC. The diameter seems to be the difference between the 51-4 standard and heavy duty -- 18" vs 19+" IIRC. I have not found many specs on the earlier fans. Number of blades seems to be the differentiation on AC rated fans at 4 vs 6.

One thing you will probably run into is the bore hole size of the fans and modern spacers. Packard seems to have used a larger hub so larger center hole is needed in the fans. I did not find an off the shelf spacer that would fit my 47 with the 356 engine and 5 blade fan so had to make my own on the lathe. Not sure how much an issue that might be on the later cars but I know some have done some creative attachments with long bolts and spacer washers to make flex fans work with the large hub.

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