Re: Broken axle

Posted by DavidPackard on 2018/4/8 20:51:43
Good evening;

The short answer is YES. The nut makes quite a noise . . . and woke me up of a quite Sunday morning drive when my '48 suffered the same plight. The threaded end of the axle likely failed in fatigue and once the gone the hub is left without retention. Double check about the bearing being in backwards . . . that would mean in one direction the lateral forces would not be supported by a bearing . . . but would be limited by the thrust block . . . I would think the brake drums would relax into the brake shoes every time the bearing was aggressively loose . I agree with OD's comment if the bearing was installed backwards. Any idea how long it has been since the bearing install or brake work? I'm an advocate that the rear axle torque should be rechecked after 100 miles of a re-assembly.

Re-assembly is straight forward. You will need to re-check the bearing clearance and perhaps re-shim, because the replacement axle and new bearing will not likely be the same length as the original.


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