Re: 1949 Packard Monte Carlo - Hood Ornament Identification

Posted by Joe Santana on 2018/12/11 9:47:46
I applaud the persistence of leaving no stone unturned to find an original part having obsessed over certain items myself, including ordering blueprints when I couldn't find them.

That ornament is either the pride of someone's collection cabinet or dumped in a long lost box with other parts and good intentions. But if found, that special ornament most likely would need restoration.

It looks easy enough to make from a normal cormorant, perhaps using some of the more common all plastic wings. But certainly a mold and acrylic casting could be made using the pot-metal wings, then trimmed, slotted, and polished.

While you're at it, drill for a tiny light, but only turn it on when the judges aren't looking.

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