1954 359 Leaves me sit... again

Posted by Andy Mylin On 2019/4/16 13:57:53
Hi fellas,

So I need to vent a bit. My 54 Pacific is mechanically sound so to speak but it's no show car. I've done the work myself bringing it back and when it runs I enjoy driving it. When it runs, that's the key, It left me and the kids sit this weekend and I was ready to sell it to the lowest bidder.

When hot, it's a gamble wether it will start.

I recently read the article on page 9 of the Packard Club News Bulletin, see attached. And got hopeful again. But what Id like to know from any of you is ... Does it work? I no longer want to guess if this thing will start. So I'm willing to install new heavier field coils as the note recommends OR Im considering moving to a 12volt system.

What would you recommend? What have you done?

Thanks guys,

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