Re: 1954 359 Leaves me sit... again

Posted by Andy Mylin on 2019/4/17 15:50:10
Thanks fellas, I appreciate your insight.

Outside temp hasn't seemed to make a difference in starting, Saturday it was in the low 60s. It starts cold, then once the engine is hot is turns over very slowly.

The starter & generator were rebuilt within the last two years.
The battery (Optima) charges fine and uses over sized battery cables I think 00 but need to confirm that.
The regulator has been tested and is older but good.
It does have a mechanical fuel pump, also new two years ago. I
The head was replaced and now has a cast head.

The car still has a push button on the dash to start (left side) The key turns one click to the right and you push the button to engage the starter, I don't know if it's aftermarket or factory.

What else can I tell you?

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