Re: 1954 359 Leaves me sit... again

Posted by HH56 on 2019/4/17 16:06:29
The car still has a push button on the dash to start (left side) The key turns one click to the right and you push the button to engage the starter, I don't know if it's aftermarket or factory.

Definitely not factory. 54 was the first postwar Packard to ditch the accelerator start and go to the key start like almost all cars had after the 60s. They moved the ign switch to the right side where the ashtray used to go and put the antenna switch on the left where the ign switch used to go. If the car didn't have that option or the rear speaker the left dash space was mostly empty except for the light switch and relocated ashtray. I would almost bet the original ign switch failed in the manner I suggested above and a P.O. couldn't find or didn't want to pay for another. Is the ign switch bezel the rounded Packard item? If so they might have mounted a 49-53 ign switch instead of the 54 type and then had to add the button as a way to start the car.

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