Re: 1954 359 Leaves me sit... again

Posted by Jack Vines On 2019/4/17 18:06:57
With the cast iron head chances are your compression ratio is elevated, are you experiencing spark knock? You've got some classic symptoms, I'd strongly suggest retarding your ignition timing a few degrees and reevaluating your hot start problem, I suspect you'll notice an immediate improvement.
Exactly the reason I asked that question, Owen. The 359" required the aluminum head to have any possibility of dealing with that 8.7 compression. Switching to an iron head can cause the problems mentioned.

To get one to start, I rewired the starter switch so as to have the starter cranking the engine over before turning on the ignition. Not for everyone, but it solved the problem.

Premium fuel and an octane booster are also good crutches.

jack vines

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