Re: 1954 359 Leaves me sit... again

Posted by Andy Mylin on 2019/5/31 7:02:06
Gentlemen, I wanted to give an update to the 1954 Pacific that wouldnt start when hot.

In early May I met up with Ross Miller, with his advice I checked the timing, it was advanced. Sparking before the piston was a TDC which led the car to fight against itself, I never thought of that but once he explained it , it all made sense.

He also supplied me with an Auto Lite starter from an earlier Packard. Un like the Delco that was on it the shape differs, instead of one big cylinder, it necks down toward the back where it bolts on, it made for easier assembly. BUT the good news is it made for MUCH easier starting. I really coundnt belive the difference. As far as I know the Delco starter was still healthy being only 18 months since rebuilt. The Auto Lite is just better.

It's been on the car for three weeks and about 100 miles and it hasnt left me sit yet!

Thanks Ross, and thanks to all of you who gave your input. Much appreciated.


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