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Posted by HH56 On 2022/11/12 20:48:47
Pinions are the same on all starters since at least 1940 at 9 teeth and ring gear is consistent at 140 teeth for standard transmissions and 158 for Ultramatics.

Here are specs on the starters. No torque is given for the Autolite 356 starter in the 50 specs but being a gear reduction type would expect it to be capable of more than what the 54 direct drive Delco will deliver. The 54 starter is interesting. Specs call for a pinion shift Delco starter but some of those seem to have less torque than the early 50s Autolite Bendix types. Apparently a lot of the stock Delcos that should be on a 359 have been changed out for the earlier higher torque starters.

Also throwing in a bit from a Motors Manual on the Autolite solenoid. Note that because of the series pull in winding it must be connected to the starter motor to energize. Like an OD solenoid, the shunt coil alone is not enough to bring in the plunger so it relies on a heavy pull in or series coil which gets ground thru the motor windings. When the solenoid does pull in the shunt coil is then strong enough to hold the plunger and the series pull in coil is in effect turned off because of the same voltage now being delivered to each side of the coil instead of one side grounded. On the tiny jumper strap, I believe it was the 40 (and maybe 41) models that had one terminal connected to the battery rather than have the terminal grounded as is shown in the diagram. Since that era is where Flackmaster specializes be sure to check for the jumper.

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