Re: tracking down ticking noise

Posted by Jim Kavanagh On 2019/5/8 13:00:39
This is supposed to check the "take-up reserve" on each of the hydraulic lifters, which is what you are referring to. I did not originally do this because I didn't have the tool and i did not change any valves or reseat any of them. I did number the valves as they came out, so I am pretty certain they all went back in their original positions.

When I started getting this ticking, it is one of the things I considered could be an issue, so I got the tool in order to check it. But, as noted, I seem to have plenty of clearance at the offending valve. I do assume if the gap is too small, then it could result in the valve extending too far into the cylinder and hitting the head. I wonder if the hydraulic itself is not collapsing to the extent required during the cycle. I will change out this hydraulic in any case. I don't see any way to actually check the tolerances with the hydraulic lifter in place.

It looks to me like the head gaskets are identicle. I hung to old one on a peg when i originally pulled apart the engine, so i will check the thickness when i am in my garage next, but I think they are the same.

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