Re: tracking down ticking noise

Posted by Jim Kavanagh On 2019/5/22 12:35:59
I need to replace one exhaust valve before I put this back together. Since I am using all the other original valves in the original holes, i'll just lap the one new one.

I had the valve springs tested and they are all good.
The head checked and it is good. I did not have it surfaced.
Last time around, I retorqued this several times, and it always seemed to need it.

Head gasket is from Merritt, and I think it is copper clad. I have always waited for an engine to cool before retorquing, which I think is correct for cast. I will immediately retorque after i first start it and let it get up to temperature. After that, how many times should I need to retorque the head?

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