Re: tracking down ticking noise

Posted by Jim Kavanagh On 2019/6/20 1:37:39
Put everything back together. For the first wonderful half hour or so, the motor sounded great. But after driving it at about 55 for about half an hour, the dreaded noise is back, louder than ever it seems. At this point I have pretty much ruled out top end.

I can hear the noise the loudest with my stethescope directly on the passenger side cylinder head bolts directly between no. four and five cylinders. Directly on the head it is quieter. Pulling plug wires individually does not affect the noise. Seems to be getting louder over time.

I think next I'll plasigage the rods, then the mains. Generally, again with my scope, the sound is much less underneath the car on a lift then up top, but sound can travel through the engine in all kinds of funny ways. Really can't find it much from underneath.

One thing I do note though, from underneath, the sound (whether a tick or a knock) is most distinguishable with my scope directly on the passenger side motor mount, and also directly on the oil pump bolts. Both areas transmit through the scope quite loudly and clearly. I did replace the oil pump gasket last time I did this exercise with a regular gasket. I see some of the guys on the forum say to use very thin paper. I get a constant 30 lbs (but spec is 40) at idle as well as under acceleration. I do wonder if there is anything in the oil pump (or my installation) that could cause a ticking or knocking noise. I assume this is probably just sound traveling, but I did pull the pump last time before this noise became more noticable.

Would have bet this was top end, but I am running out of possibilities. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

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