Re: 49 22nd Deluxe Sedan Locks

Posted by DavidPackard on 2019/9/17 18:22:12
Good question about the 'needle'. As I remember the square rod is attached to the lock cylinder with a joint that allows quite a bit of flexibility . . . make that too much flexibility. I've never attempted the 'needle' technique, but I would suspect it starts with pushing a needle from the outside of the car through the door panel/card, noting the location, and then at the same location pushing the needle from inside the car back through the latch. I believe the square rod has a dimple in the end that the needle will index into. The lock & rod and the needle are moved into position as one assembly, with a bit of teasing as the rod enters the latch.

Now here's the good news, if you 'zip tie' (use a real small one) the stainless rectangular stock that reinforces a wind shield wiper blade to the square rod you can manipulate the rod as it approaches the latch mechanism. Once the rod engages you will still have enough room to extract the rectangular stainless piece. You'll end-up with a 'zip tie' around the rod, but no needle hole in the door panel/card.
If the door panels/cards are removed you should succeed without the use of a needle.

Posts 45 & 47 of the following link illustrates what's inside the 22nd/23rd series door latch


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