Re: 49 22nd Deluxe Sedan Locks

Posted by HH56 on 2020/7/15 16:41:16
No idea what a lock kit would cost or if they are available to convert the shafts on locks you have but If there is a lot of expense for a kit and you have the old locks and there is enough room to add a commercial U joint, you might be able to do the job fairly inexpensively.

I measure the shaft on a 47 lock to be 5mm and imagine the 22-23 is probably the same. Amazon has an assortment of various size miniature U joints in that range made for robotics and RC models. If the length of the U joint will fit in the space between the lock and the latch assy you could use a portion of the old stepped down shaft from the old lock by cutting it to size and then cutting a length off the shaft of the new lock in order to install one of the miniature universal joints near the cylinder. That arrangement might be stronger than the original pot metal U joint assy. Amazon has other style joints besides the one I show.

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