Re: 47 Clipper Battery 6v size?

Posted by HH56 on 2019/10/16 19:45:01
If your tray is 7" wide it is not the regular stock tray and someone has changed it. If it is a former military car perhaps a different high capacity battery was used in those vehicles and tray was changed by the military or was part of a military package sold by Packard. The stock tray used in ordinary 42-50 Clipper based bodies is about 4 3/16 wide and between the perforations in the tray bottom or holes in the hold down bracket where the bolts insert, approx 21" bolt to bolt. The 2E battery fits in the tray with very little side to side clearance. There are some raised tabs in the tray bottom to provide front to back stops for the battery so it does not slide the extra distance between the bolts.

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