Re: 47 Clipper Battery 6v size?

Posted by signsup on 2019/10/19 10:15:59
Sounds like I've got the OE battery tray and hold down. Here is photo of hold down and the measurements are similar to what you have posted. approx. 4 1/2" by 20" I have several group 2 batterys around the shop and will put one in to be sure. Just not used to all the extra room on the top hold down tray. I guess this would allow for different length batteries to be used without modifying the hold down tray.
Relieved that I can used the group 2 as that is what my WWII jeeps use and I can now jump one from the other if I have to. I am sure I will install a hidden disconnect and use trickle chargers when stored.

Thanks to all who responded.

Robert Brough
Winston, GA
Vehicles of Victory

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