47 Clipper canvas radiator covers and brush guards?

Posted by signsup on 2019/10/15 19:32:45
Digging through the trunk of this recently acquired 47 Clipper Deluxe Touring Sedan that may or may not have been a military buy back. OD green on most surfaces, grey on firewall and some hidden areas.

I have no idea if this bumper hitch is Packard or aftermarket, but the military would not have used this type.

Canvas pieces with spring clips that seem to fit grill and front whiskers under parking lights. The front bumper thingy looks like some sort of grill protector, but the rear bumper thingy makes no sense to me. Packard accessory? Aftermarket? Chrome plated and heavy steel, so I don't think it is military or bubba.

Supposed to be a set of fender skirts in that trunk somewhere.

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