Re: 1949 Packard should i pull the trigger

Posted by MJG On 2019/11/7 12:03:35
I think you are being a bit hard on yourself. You are clearly smitten by the design and like the lines like many of us do. My suggestion to you would be to educate yourself in advance of this purchase. You appear to have gone into this not knowing much about these cars. That car had a decent amount of money put into it amounting to a lot of sunk cost and sadly it needs a complete redo. You need to get yourself to the level where your coworkers who know nothing about Packards think you're an expert on these models. Armed with that knowledge and supplementary help here you'll make a much better choice. I would wait for one in your backyard; these aren't terribly rare in sedan form and the south yields some nice solid examples. Find one within a day's drive, cash-in-hand and trailer/drive it home yourself. Your appetite seems to align with either a well preserved original or maintained, older restoration.

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