Re: Would the 356 have packaged in the '51?

Posted by Ross on 2020/3/17 13:33:43
The 23d series Custom Eights were all but unsalable as one had to pay soooo very much more for somewhat better seats and a fine but very heavy engine. Very few people were looking for that. Not to mention that the torque advantage of the 356 made almost no difference when played through an automatic transmission. Who was actually looking for such a car?

The 51-54 cars had fine handling. Much better than contemporary Chryslers or Buicks--probably better than Caddy but I've not had the chance to flog one of them. That would not have been true with an extra 100+ pounds of 356 engine.

The 51s were not rushed, as evidenced by how very few significant design changes had to be made after introduction. The late arrival of convertibles and hardtops was caused by an astonishing lack of vision by management. They weren't going to make any. Can't grasp how they didn't notice how many Rivieras, Coupe deVilles and even Newports were driving by.

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