Re: Would the 356 have packaged in the '51?

Posted by Mahoning63 on 2020/3/17 13:44:24
ptv - I think you've put your finger on it. Yes, a Custom series would have been a rung higher than the Patrician 400 and included several body styles with a common design theme that was clearly differentiated from cars in the lower series. These would have constituted a 400 Series that truly was unique and directly competitive with Cadillac's more expensive offerings. Open cars and exciting closed cars would have made this series stand out.

Using Packard's 1950 naming convention the '51 300 was effectively a Super Eight and the Patrician 400, a Super Eight Deluxe, in interior trim and mechanical specification except for 327's upgrade to hydraulic valve lifters and for the 400, upgrade to 9 main bearings. Also, the 400 came standard with Ultramatic. In other words, these cars could and should have been called 300 and 300 Deluxe, or 300 and Patrician 300.

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