Re: 1948 Packard not starting

Posted by JWL on 2020/4/18 16:08:12

Packwagon wrote:
Do you mean to put oil in the fill line to the filter, disconnect it at the filter and fill it there ? Pack the oil pump gears with any type grease? Would it be wise to put a little oil in each cylinder? A couple squeezes., I did that when I did get start it up to get it running.

Disconnect the pressure feed fitting that feeds oil to the filter and the gauge unit. Fabricate some kind of tubing that will fit into that opening so you can inject oil into the gallery that goes back to the pump. I used 5/16" rubber tubing connected to the engine with push-on brass fitting. Filled the pistol oil can with oil and pumped in about a quart which required refilling the oil can a few time. I attribute this method to HH56. He recommended it to me. It worked.

I guess a light grease would suffice for packing the oil pump gears.

Don't know why you would need to put a little oil in each cylinder. Maybe this helps to seal the rings better for more compression. This is not going to help with your oil pressure problem.Up to you on this one, but remember do not run the engine until you have oil pressure.

I am not sure about your gauge hook-up. Make sure it is connected to the pressure feed and not the filter return.

Good luck.

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