Re: Stubborn pin on front driveshaft of '53 Caribbean

Posted by CanyonJerry1943 on 2020/7/11 19:18:35
The boot is on!!! But what a %#&^#* pain. Still have to grease, put on the front seal plate and gasket, and paint it. That's tomorrow. Couldn't done it without the nimble small fingers of the wife. We'll celebrate the driveshaft tomorrow, July 12th...and our 50th Wedding Anniversary. The virus prevented our planned big trip. But got to be happy anyway.
Some of you may have notice in the pictures I placed the boot next to the driveshaft backwards, I knew which way it went, just didn't place it right for the photos. New photos attached. The boot on, the correct boot orientation, and the bruise on my left thumb from when the boot pop over the pin. Ouch.

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