Horn not honking

Posted by Paul E. Gallagher on 2020/9/1 16:21:12
My horn is not working, it was working intermittently for awhile.

I have replaced the relay with a new one from NAPA and replaced some frayed wire from the end of the steering column to switch terminal on the relay.

I hooked up a switch under the hood to the two terminals on the relay (B & S, in the wiring diagram) and a ground and it worked. I have removed the horn rim.
There is the spring and a copper looking disc that is attached to the wire that goes down the steering column

Now, how does it make contact to make the horn blow?

I have couple of pictures but I have forgotten how to resize them.

What is there something to replace, clean or adjust?
I have to have a way to signal people when I get a thumbs up! LOL

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