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Posted by HH56 on 2020/9/1 16:45:04
The contact connected to the wire sits on an insulating washer and is higher than the shaft. When the horn ring assy is screwed down the large sort of blackish metal plate with 3 triangular openings in your photo that is at the center of the chrome horn ring presses tightly against that contact and makes a connection. That blackish piece is isolated from the half circle shaped visible part of the horn ring by virtue of some plastic insulator washers around the 3 screws holding it and the thin sheetmetal spring support to the ring and a plastic spacer like piece and wave spring in the middle that holds the horn ring away from the plate so it cannot touch unless pushed.

Ground is provided to the visible horn ring part by the steering shaft and the large spring which is seated in two metal cup like pieces which locate and hold the spring. The visible ring is kept away from other things yet allowed to move by the plastic insulator and sort of wave washer like spring in the center. When the horn ring is pushed it rocks so its outer edge can move in and touch the isolated contact and connect ground ultimately to the wire.

Not sure why your center piece is black but it looks to be very dirty or maybe painted and could be part of the problem. I would start by cleaning all the pieces and then put things together again. Make sure you watch out for any plastic or fiber insulating washers or sleeves to get them back in the correct spots.

Here is a breakdown of a 47 ring assy. Your pieces are slightly different in shape but identical electrically as far as how the pieces work and fit together. There is a difference between how the entire assy mounts to the wheel and how the horn emblem is attached. Aside from the single piece plastic emblem on yours it also has screws going into the plastic part of the wheel thru the center contact plate from the front whereas the 47 is held by screws coming in from the rear of the wheel and threading into the contact plate.

The relay wire and those contact pieces at voltage potential are colored blue. Red parts are all at ground potential.

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