Re: Horn not honking

Posted by Paul E. Gallagher on 2020/9/4 11:09:23
Thank you Harold, Wes and Jim for your replays. The horn seems to be working for now.

Here is what I did:

At Wes's suggestion, I clipped a ground wire to the lower cup and touched the wire to the center brass disk and the horn worked. This way I knew that the wiring, relay, and horns were working right.

I cleaned the contact plate and everything else I could with solvent and fine steel wool and reassembled.
The horn worked for a while but after a trip through town, it quit again.

I disassembled again and thought that the brass disk was too loose and moving so it didn't make contact. I found a thin black vinyl hose washer in my repair bin that was just the same size as the insulting washer behind the brass disk. I cut a slit in it so it would go over the wire. I put a small amount of craft glue on it to hold it in place
and put it behind the insulting washer to bring the brass disk closer to the contact plate. Maybe the spring is a little weak?

I reassembled again and waited for the glue to dry and it seems to be working fine. We will see if this is the permanent solution.

Thanks' again, guys!

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