Re: leaf spring specs for 1950 Packard 8

Posted by Gary49eight on 2020/10/21 7:29:56
I have seen that on a lot of American cars, front coil springs slightly different heights. It compensates for the road camber. When the car arrives in Australia and gets converted to RHD, swapping springs is usually one thing forgotten. Some owners find they get an alignment and the car still pulls left or scrubs tyres. My Packard was a RHD export car, shipped in crates and someone had to put the pieces together. Often the people doing this assume front springs must be the same. Your car might have had rubber spacers on top of the (front) springs, these can fail (or just disappear) over time.
If you find the rear of the car causes the lean, check the shackle bushing rubbers. There might be nothing wrong with the springs, but flogged-out bushings can affect ride height.

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