Re: Speedo Cable 43 Clipper

Posted by HH56 on 2020/10/18 12:00:46
And second thing is when you remove the cable to check for rotation carefully disconnect the nut from the speedo and pull the cable housing assy back just far enough so you can first see if the square end of the cable is extending so it will fully insert in the speedo rotating collar. Perhaps the rotating cable was a bit short or on some cable assys, was inserted the wrong way and managed to drop down in the housing far enough to fall out of mesh with the square hole in the collar.

If the cable extends then check the speedo rotating collar that has the square hole in it to make sure it is turning freely. If the old lube in the speedo has dried the collar could have seized to the bushing. Having that happen frequently damages the cable and you would have no rotation. Replacing a damaged cable without working on the speedo would result in quickly having the same problem again.

If the cable is not rotating and assuming the cable has not broken, you will then need to compare the two pinion assys that go in the housing at the transmission end to make sure it is able to mesh with other pieces. There were different length and diameter pinion assys over the years and for the various transmissions and rear end ratios so perhaps there is a mismatch. A wrong pinion would let the pinion fall out of mesh with the worm around the trans output shaft or maybe the shaft is short and the cable was barely meshing with the pinion.

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