Re: 1950 Packard color

Posted by Fish'n Jim on 2020/10/25 7:53:20
Since it's a "left over" '49 1950, aka 23 series (23xx-5) the '49 - '51 paint charts apply and are the same/correct.
The photos color match to the paint charts* isn't good, like most pictures of "chips". Light when taken, etc., condition of both paints comes into play.
The two candidates given, are both "poly" or metallic flake, offered in enamel and lacquer, so there's a fair amount of variation in application. Flake should be observable in the finish for either.

My eyes, closest match is the 30469 Egyptian sand poly(lighter hue than argentine). But we're talking 70 year old paint, if original, so I'd expect variation/fading.
Without the paint code off the trim tag/build sheet, can not be conclusive. Can not even assume original paint without documentation and paint forensics.
One could buy some, ~1/2 pt, paint a sample and compare.
Test car with hand held colorimeter connected to the paint database.

* - Packinfo and auto color library same Ditzler charts.

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