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Posted by HH56 on 2020/11/22 12:11:19
Is there any trace of what might be an original color visible -- maybe under a tail light housing or some overspray under a door upholstery panel or under something else that might have been masked and not removed during a repaint.

You might also see if by some miracle a build sheet might have survived. Some have found them taped to the top of the glovebox and others have been found tightly folded up and stuck between the gas fill pipe and vent tube at the rear of the car. A few have been found in a door cavity or under the rear seat. The build sheet is a narrow strip of paper with one or two short lines of printed letters and numerals and maybe a short handwritten notation. If you do find it be advised it will be very brittle and easily damaged.

S is Coronet Blue Metallic and a valid color choice for a convertible. According to Bob Neal's book Packard -- 1948 to 1950, which is a comprehensive book on the production of the 48-50 models, that color was introduced in July 48 and dropped in Feb 50. B, A, or M was not offered on convertibles or in any combination.

The 22nd series color chart in the literature section of this site and the book says convertibles were only available in single color schemes -- S being one of them. Neal's book also says the convertible schemes were in effect from "July 48 to end" but it is unclear if he means end is the end of 22nd series production in mid 49 or the end of the entire 22-23 series body style and model production in 50. Other than some colors mentioned that were not available at all on 23rd series convertibles nothing is mentioned in the book about whether the 22nd series choices carried over to the 23rd series unchanged.

It does mention that the 2379 convertibles had only 4 trim sets available. Code 624, 626, 724 and 726.

You can download the INTRO section of the 48-54 parts manual. Other than Neal's book it gives the most comprehensive rundown of paint color and combos as well as the upholstery combos and what the fabric or leather colors and types were. ... slist4854/48-54_Intro.pdf

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