Re: 1950 Packard color

Posted by Fish'n Jim on 2020/11/26 18:47:04
The 23 codes are in the parts list or shop manual, back section I think.
Those reported do not look anywhere near valid codes. They inked them and they don't survive, as noted. This plate has been altered.
I had to reverse look-up the ones for the '49, thankfully it was original. Unfortunately, since P's defunct, there's no way to look up production records that I'm aware of. You can get drawings and other info from PAC and the Stude museum but there was a fire or something happened to them and the production records were lost. That's what both museums told me when I inquired. Packard museum doesn't have any documents, just donated/loaned cars and restorers.
eg: I was able to get a build sheet/complete info for another competitor brand that's still in business.

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