Re: Remove the Speedometer cable

Posted by HH56 on 2020/10/22 18:20:51
Can't speak to the original grommet as mine was missing. Looking at all the cracks yours may be in bad shape and somewhat hard so it can't or won't flex. With the Steele repro the new rubber is flexible enough the small nut on the speedo end will pull thru. Same with the OD cable if you remove the clevis from the rod on trans end and pull that end thru the rubber. As I recall the temp bulb, nut and tube also goes thru the grommet.

On your speedo issues from the other thread, by all means lube the bushing via the oil hole and try to work some oil in the space between the rotating collar and the casting. Inside, I found the old grease on the gear train going to the odometer wheels was hard as a rock and even though the magnet was rotating OK, the hard grease was preventing the cup from moving.

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