Re: Remove the Speedometer cable

Posted by jfrom@kanter on 2020/10/23 3:34:44
It is not necessary to remove the sheath and center cable to clean and lube it. Unscrew from speedo, lower the cable assb and pull the central cable out of the sheath.
Be careful, the cable can be very greasy and stain the upholstery...Clean the center cable in a suitable petroleum solvent, then reinsert it into the sheath. Much of the old grease will come out when you remove the cable again. Then put some solvent into an oiling nozzle container and shoot some down the sheath.

To lube it, get a tube of graphite, plain graphite and shoot some down the sheath. Do not use and oil/grease.. Oil and grease get thick when cold and will hamper the workings of the cable, graphite is not thickened by low temperature.

With the cable off the speedo, get a very small oil can with nozzle or a wooden match stick, dip in oil until you get one drop on the end, then put it in the oil hole just above the speedo/cable junction. It's a bear to find, good luck.

James From
Kanter Auto Products

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