Re: Purpose of fuel pump part?

Posted by Chris R on 2021/3/11 20:39:21

JWL wrote:
Contact one of the rebuilders mentioned on this site. They probably have buckets of them.Quote:

Chris R wrote:
Thanks for the additional info guys. I really appreciate it.

Part of me would like install one to make it look original, but it's probably not worth replacing (assuming they're even available anymore).

I'll just leave the FP the way it is for the time being.

Thanks again guys!


I was going through some of the parts that came with the car yesterday, and I actually found two of 'em.

I'm hesitant to run one though, because I'm assuming there is a spring and a rubber diaphragm inside. Who knows what the condition of those parts are after all these years.

I'd hate for the diaphragm to come apart and send small rubber pieces into my freshly rebuilt carburetor.

What do you guys think?

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