Re: how do you engage the overdrive?

Posted by HH56 on 2021/4/17 22:18:08
The kickdown sw goes in the hole in the accelerator pivot bracket. For an R11 there should be 4 wires hanging around.

You can get a universal replacement switch at Napa that works but I believe it has a longer and smaller diameter threaded stem from the original. If there is only one nut in the box you might have to provide an extra or some kind of spacer and washers if the hole is so large the nut doesn't have a good solid place to grab. You may need to fiddle with the adjustment a bit. When the accelerator is fully depressed the switch plunger must also be depressed enough to break the lower set of contacts and make the upper set. If the switch adjustment is off and lets it change too soon the OD will also kickdown sooner than desired.

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