Re: how do you engage the overdrive?

Posted by HH56 on 2021/4/21 14:01:52
The stock OD will definitely be damaged on 12v. Switches would not care but the relay and solenoid would need to change or else have some kind of independent power to keep them at 6v. Resistors will not work in this case because of the varying load of the solenoid when pulling in vs holding in position. A separate battery or a 12v to 6v converter rated for the heavy pull in current would be required. The OD unit is fused at 30 amp and probably pulls an easy 20 when solenoid is engaging. Those type converter units are typically spec'd as rated for motor use. Ordinary converters rated for electronics only use would not have the needed protection for the heavy start current or back inductive voltage spike a coil emits when power is disconnected.

Fortunately the R11 relay and solenoid have been repro'd and are available for both 6 or 12v operation. While somewhat expensive, the repros are easily found. Those with an R9 OD have no repro items so are out of luck and will need to provide the proper voltage to the unit.

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