Oil leak

Posted by willits18 on 2021/4/27 16:02:08
I bought a 51 Packard 200 Deluxe and have replaced the fuel tank and pump to get it to run. Then adjusted the carburetor (still in pretty good shape) to get it to idle smooth. After I did this I noticed that there was an oil leak from the bottom somewhere. When I bought the car I found an oil pan gasket set in the trunk. When I replaced the fuel pump I found that the someone had put the fuel pump gasket on upside down-no gasket mating surface on the top 1/3 of the pump to engine. I was hoping that after I replaced it correctly that would solve the problem. It did solve that leak. The leak that remains is coming from the lower clutch pan drain hole. That is what I didn't want to see. I have never done a rear main seal on a flat head Packard-or any flat head engine for that matter. I have done many on V-8s & 6s. Are these the 2 part rope seal that can be accessed by dropping the oil pan? If I have to pull the tranny I may as well do a clutch set as well, although the clutch seems to be good so far.

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