Re: Oil leak

Posted by HH56 on 2021/4/27 22:54:39
You may have to lift the engine slightly to get a wrench on the bolts holding the pan. A few are directly over the front crossmember and then you will need enough room to slide the pan out.

On some models the steering idler may need to unbolt off the right side frame rail and move out of the way so the pan can drop down. The crank may also need to turn after you start sliding the pan so as to move the counterweights so they don't interfere.

Be careful of how much you try to lift if the mounts stay bolted. The vulcanized rubber on the 70 year old mounts is most likely dry and hard as a rock so could separate from mount metal pieces on one side or the other. if you can keep the engine attached to the lift for support it may be prudent to unbolt the motor mounts from the frame before and during the lift.

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