Re: Oil leak

Posted by willits18 on 2021/4/28 13:30:45
One of my old mechanic friends stopped by this Morning. I showed him my projects. He was particularly interested in the Packard. I told him about the rear seal leak and he took a look. He used to work on these a lot and has rebuilt the exact engine that is in my Packard. He then asked me how long it has been sitting. I told him that I wasn't sure but probably at least a year or two. He told me that the rear seals in these are made of jute or hemp, I forget which he said, and graphite. He thought that if I would run it off and on for a month or so, the seal may absorb the oil and start to expand and seal again. Come to think of it, when I went through the trunk there were some newer 10w-30 empty oil bottles. I use Brad Penn 30w in my classics. I will do an oil and filter change, then do like Glenn said and run the engine off, with a catch pan under the engine off and on for a month and see what happens.

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