Re: Garage Lift Recommendations

Posted by MJG on 2021/5/15 20:46:21

DavidPackard wrote:
I hate to admit how right Fish’n Jim is. I think those of us with low headroom garages should temper our shop equipment dreams and aspirations. I guess it’s ‘head out of the clouds’, and back on the cardboard for me. I did a quick calculation that if I jacked my car up once a week and made a $10 contribution to a garage lift fund, it would take more than 7.5 years for the fund to have enough money to actually buy a lift. Does anyone know the driving distance from Arizona to MJG’s garage? That’s my dream of a man cave . . . I never figured out how to keep the junk (valuable New England family heirlooms) from getting in the way.

Hey David, You would be most welcome but it is haul from Arizona.. I'm about an hour and fifteen northeast of ATL. Wish I had more car buddies around here. One thing I miss about the NE is the car culture.

It's been my dream and nightmare. My first location was rejected since I'm in an environmentally sensitive area and I need a lot of land reserved for future septic. The location it is in now needed 17 trucks of fill and a ton of concrete as the slope in that areas is about 25%. I've written many IOU's to my wife!

I wouldn't give up looking at options for working off the ground based on a ceiling height. I've had a couple friends with 10' ceilings that have purchased lifts and use them.. not optimal but it does help you a bit. Just this morning I was replacing the headlight bulb on our Honda. Of course, it slips out of my hand into the wheel well and here I am rolling around on the ground trying to get it out. Told myself this is why you want that lift and a second later it occurred to me I would never have put it on the lift to replace a headlight bulb in the first place so I would have been rolling around on the ground anyway!


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