Copper Nickel Brake Line

Posted by JeromeSolberg on 2021/5/30 15:31:11
While I am working on the engine compartment it seems like the best thing to do is to replace the hard brake lines (eventually replace/rebuilld all the other components and move to DOT5).

Called NAPA and they have pre-made Copper-Nickel Brake line but only out to 72" or 84" (I have gotten conflicting information on that), but I measured the line that goes from the Treadle-Vac to the rear brake hose is 9' (108") long.

So people must buy this tubing and cut and flare it themselves, or buy the premade stainless steel lines from the Packard vendors which sound nice but are $$ and I understand stainless steel is very stiff so perhaps the installation process is difficult, as it is so tight down there.

Do folks have any suggestions on sources for the tubing, tools for cutting/flaring, etc? From what I can gather the Autozone rental flare tool is no longer available in my area.

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