Re: timing a 1949 deluxe 288

Posted by DavidPackard on 2021/5/30 23:25:31
Ross Miller’s video on the subject has a pretty clear view of the clamp @ 11:10.

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Installing a Distributor | Packard Straight 8 | Ross Miller | Speedwell Garage - YouTube

The clamping screw is at six o’clock on the clamp. The intent is to tighten the bolts at 3 & 9 o’clock before the distributor is installed, and then with the horizontal screw loose install the distributor. Timing is then conducted statically or dynamically with a timing light, following which the clamping screw is tightened. On the left side of the clamp is a feature that allows the gauging of small changes to the timing without the use of a timing light. To do this the clamp bolts at 3 & 9 o’clock are loosened just enough to rotate the body of the distributor. The scale on the left indicates the new datum, or bias to the initial adjustment done with the timing light. I’ve been told that such a feature allowed for a timing adjustment to accommodate a low octane fuel. Once the distributor is adjusted the clamp hold down bolts are re-torqued, and if the owner thought that the poor fuel quality situation had passed the distributor timing bias could be returned to the original position. At least that’s the story that was told to me . . . who knows, it could be true. Once you have the distributor out you can remove the bolts, I believe the bolts have a shoulders, and inspect the mechanism. I believe you will find the clamp has limited authority on timing adjustments, and should be installed initially at zero bias.


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