Re: Double Rocker strips 1949 Custom Eights

Posted by Owen_Dyneto on 2021/7/14 17:05:04
Rscott, you're confusing 22nd series 1949 cars with 23rd series 1949 cars. Only the 22nd series Custom 8, whether 1948 or 1949, had the double lower body trim. In the 22nd series only the Custom 8 used the egg-crate grill; in the 23rd series, whether 1949 or 1950, it was also used on the Super Deluxe and neither used the double lower body trim.

It is an incomplete description to identify a Packard as a 1949 without additionally adding whether it's a 22nd or 23rd series as both series produced cars to be titled as 1949 models.

It can be confusing, might I suggest you but a copy of Bob Neal's book on the 1948-1950 Packards?

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