Re: Electronic ignition

Posted by HH56 on 2021/7/24 22:57:26
The 12v Pertronix seems to work well but the 6v is another story. If the car's electrical system is in top notch condition and the generator is outputting the recommended 7+ volts when running then it seems to work adequately.

There is no room for error or voltage drop with the 6v units and if the least bit of typical old car maladies with dirty electrical connections seep in the 6v unit becomes temperamental. If the starter is pulling a lot of current and the voltage drops the typical almost 1 volt at the time it is most needed the spark can become very erratic resulting in hard starting. Some are very fortunate with their 6v units but many who have tried them have removed the Pertronix and gone back to points for that reason. I suspect many had some serious electrical issues at the bottom of the issues but it still affected the Pertronix perceived reliability.

You can search here and the PAC forum for some first hand experiences.

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