Re: Electronic ignition

Posted by Fish'n Jim on 2021/7/25 20:45:14
There's some other considerations. It's often difficult to lean over and set the points accurately on some of these fat fendered cars. The over 50 set and bad backs know well.
If it has the window style cap and you can put the hexnut points in, and use the flexdriver and dwell meter it's a little easier but that came later. The Packard L8 is on the side so it's not as bad as a rear mount (GM). Only thing Frod got right.
I put Pertronix on the '58 Cad because I was changing to 3x2 in the overhaul and the points access gets worse. Some people swear by these, some at, so it's got a wide following. There are other ways to do it. Personal choice mostly. I think a lot of the "problems" were self induced by people not knowing what they're doing. Once bitten twice shy. But as far as the technolog goes, the electronic is far better for life and power. Otherwise, we'd still be using points. Points eventually burn and oxidize plus wear and tear on the follower cam. Electronic fails catastrophically, usually if a spike of some sort fries the circuit board, where as the points deteriorate over time => gives some warning, if you're attuned to them. I don't share the concern about the alternator but most of the 6+ cars are generator/VR anyway? (not relevant?)

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