Re: ultramatic direct drive kick-down, fine throttle adjustment?

Posted by Ross on 2021/8/4 20:41:45
Well, it is nice to have a fan club.....

51-54 regular Ultras first:

* make sure the throttle linkage bracket on the firewall has not collapsed back toward the firewall. If it has space it out by wedging an old shock bushing behind it.

* make sure the spring link in the pull rod to the carb has not frozen. That fat part is spring loaded to allow the throttle linkage to overtravel to effect kickdown. It should extend 5/8 inch or so if you pull on both ends of the rod briskly.

*Make sure that your gas pedal has full travel. With the engine in low idle position, examine the vertical rod that goes down to the gas pedal mechanism. Adjust its length til the pedal mechanism lever it is attached to is about as far down as it can go without jamming,

*Still no joy? Then climb under the car with a right angle straight blade screwdriver and a 7/16 wrench. Loosen the clamp screw that holds the throttle lever to the right rear of the trans. Use your screwdriver to rotate the shaft a little bit CW. The is will raise your upshift point and make the kickdown point come sooner.

Be aware that the early Ultras do not kickdown easily and if you just slowly give more gas your not gonna get one. You have to about jab the pedal to the floor like you are kicking down an overdrive.

The Twin Ultramatics are a completely different animal in that regard and are very responsive to what you do with your foot. That is why I really enjoy driving them on our backroads. Riki, if yours is too responsive, move the carburetor link into the top hole, and if that does not help, then move the link a little forward on the carb pull rod.

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