Re: water pump impeller

Posted by Fish'n Jim on 2021/8/8 8:26:50
If it's the old solid cast impeller, they aren't available to my knowledge. What the rebuilders do is use the new style, vane type, which is very common. I had this issue on the Cad. So they might call it "more efficient" but that's marketing hype for we don't have a choice.
It's the bore, thickness, and OD that's important.
You can find all the separate parts mostly but it's a chore to pull it all together. Plus you might have a buy a 100 or 1000 minimum. That's the magic of the rebuild kits. I don't trust anything repopped in China by anyone. I had issues with a master cylinder from them. That's why I rebuilt what I had, plus there was a shortage back then. Which maybe the case again. Everything is short supply/long delivery right now.

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