Re: Tune up

Posted by HH56 on 2021/8/26 12:30:55
I can think of some possibilities that might be worth checking. If the car had miles or maybe some tank problems before the filter by the tank was installed there is a possibility of rust particles floating in the fuel bowl at the bottom of the fuel pump. Suction could be pulling them up and an intermittently clogged screen could be an issue.

If the tank was treated with a sloshing compound and placed in certain positions as it dried some have had issues with the compound sort of forming a valve at the end of the fuel pickup opening -- although that causes a more persistent problem than just accelerating in second. Something laying in the tank and moving around the inlet opening with rapid acceleration or deceleration couldn't be ruled out either.

If the filter near the carb is the old glass bowl ceramic type then if the car was dormant and fuel evaporated out of the bowl a few times the ceramic could have a deposit of varnish that is partially blocking the filter. I have personally had this condition where you could look at the filter, blow air thru and swear all was good only to have the varnish in the pores block the fuel so the quantity able to flow thru was seriously reduced.

Another possibility if the rubber hose between the fuel line connection at the bottom of the radiator and the fuel pump inlet is old is the inner lining has cracked and a chunk of the lining could be loose enough to be sucked outward with the increased fuel flow under certain conditions and is partially blocking the stream.

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