Re: Tune up

Posted by Fish'n Jim on 2021/8/27 9:57:14
If it wasn't doing this before the "tune-up" then there's a high probability this issue centers around/results from the tune-up.
I'd be looking at the "carb adjustment" they did. Maybe a tad too lean.
Generally, we they fall on their face, it's the accelerator pump. This would happen in all the gears not just 2nd. Since the ignition is fresh, then the fuel mixture can be at fault.
The old bad gas explanation is a bit passe'. How about a mechanic who made an error?
Not a biggee to pull a 2 bbl and rebuild it either. At least look for crud in it or the float hanging low, so there's not enough gas in the bowl for acceleration. Rosanne Roseannadanna said it succinctly, it's always something...

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