47 Clipper rear axle bearing play / clearance

Posted by Josef Lichtenberg on 2021/8/28 6:00:41
Please could someone push me in the right direction?
After a long drive, i wanted to check everything on the car. With the rear axle raised, i checked the rear wheels on the outside of the tires to see if the wheels had play. I found that both rear wheels had play, barely noticeable, but a little. the wheel nuts are all tight. the castle nuts on both sides of the axle also. In the workshop manual is on the subject of axle bearings of the rear axle that there is a special tool with the number J-2560 to check the play of the axle. (checking gauge J-2560) This tool I do not have. There must obviously be a little play. How can I measure this without the tool? Is there a trick?
thank you very much in advance, BR Josef

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