Re: Differentials

Posted by Wat_Tyler on 2021/9/15 4:56:13
And at 65, it would be (65/60) * 2.55 * 713 = 1969 RPM.

At 70 MPH, it would be (70/60) * 2.55 * 713 = 2121 RPM

My truck turns just about 2K at 70 MPH, and it's the gutless 6 banger model. The big SUV does likewise. and the little SUV turns maybe 2.1K at 70. Not ideal in WV but pretty good in most of VA and KY and running the Eastern Seaboard (I-95), and so on.

I'm still thinking about a 6-speed Tremec for one of these critters, but that's way down the road and TBD. That would be with something much closer to a 4 in the third member.

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